Our client OSACO Group is a global network of specialists in compliance, governance, safeguarding and anti-corruption, within and across geographical borders and organisational structures.

OSACO Group directors Sean Buckley and Jaydene Buckley are former New Zealand Police officers and United Nations investigators.

They bring an extensive tool kit of experience, expertise and good practice for clean business, allowing organisations of all kinds – local authorities as well as commercial, finance, and sports organisations, large or small – to anticipate unacceptable staff behaviour and tackle it effectively.

They say that the vast majority of damaging human behaviour is entirely predictable, but many businesses and organisations are unaware, unprepared, and get caught on the back foot by it.

Safeguarding is a particularly topical issue for many organisations and businesses currently and we encourage anyone wanting to make sure that they are doing all they can in this area to get in touch with OSACO.

Jaydene and Sean were recently featured in Stuff titled The global investigation network managed out of Blenheim.