Upper Hutt’s award-winning Kererū Brewing Company is committed to keeping it local as a central tenet of its sustainability journey. Fortunately Kererū is confident that it is able to access the best hops, the best malt, the best water and the best glass packaging from within New Zealand.

This video, made with support from our client O-I Glass, showcases Kererū’s passion for bringing a high quality, local “taste New Zealand” experience to customers that reduces food miles and reduces Kererū’s impact on the environment.


“Glass is the ideal contact surface for an acidic alcoholic product, such as our beer,” says Kererū Brewing Company owner and brewer Chris Mills. “I can be confident that what is in our glass bottles one month, a year, or five years from now is what I put in there the day it was filled. The fact that 75 percent of the amber glass going into our product is recycled via kerbside recycling here in New Zealand is amazing.”

Kererū has a strong belief that we are all borrowing our planet and have a responsibility to return it to future generations in a state that’s better than the state in which we found it. “We do everything we can, that’s practical, to lower our impact,” says Chris.

“With a bumper 2020 hop harvest under our belt we know that breweries like Kererū have plenty of wonderful New Zealand ingredients to work with now and in the future and we’ll play our part by providing the option for our customers to buy our beer in infinitely recyclable glass packaging manufactured right here in New Zealand.”