Our client Min Sarginson has been in the news this month, featuring in a business profile in the NBR. Her business, Min Sarginson Real Estate, has two offices in the Lyttelton and Harbour Bays area, the first of which opened in 1998 after Min decided to go out on her own, having begun her real estate career in 1983.

After nearly 40 years working in real estate – weathering a stock market crash, a global recession, earthquakes, and a pandemic ­– Min is an example of a strong woman who has carved out a very successful career by taking a principled and values-based approach in what is often a brutally competitive industry.

As a result, she is extremely highly regarded within her community and has a dedicated and loyal team working with her, some of who have been with her for a very long time.

Read the (paywalled) NBR story here.