It’s been great helping our new client, Rebecca Mason, this month. Rebecca is a Nelson-based Genratec leadership and development coach, who is realising her long-term goal to establish and launch a new charitable trust designed to assist young people to make a significant difference to our world through projects with environmental and social impact. Both people and projects are eligible for support in the form of monetary grants, mentoring, time, guidance and support.

The Kāmahi Trust was launched this month, and also announced its first recipient, Jessie Cross. Jessie is a real go-getter who has already done amazing things in her life for someone so young – definitely one to watch! After finishing university in 2015, Jessie worked as a lawyer and travelled the world with an international education social enterprise. After she lost her job due to COVID-19, Jessie built “The Not So Redundant Club” to support people who have lost their jobs or businesses due to COVID-19, completed a yoga teacher training course, and started working for the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum, before receiving the inaugural Kāmahi Trust coaching scholarship. Great to see this support for an inspiring example of young, local talent.

Founding trustee and trust chair Rebecca Mason sees the Kāmahi Trust as a way to continue the legacy of philanthropy and service to others established in her family by her parents, playwright Bruce Mason, and well-known gynaecologist and obstetrician, Diana Mason.

Rebecca also sees it as a natural next step as she nears the end of a long and successful career as a leadership and development coach.

“I want the Trust to endure beyond my lifetime and nurture future generations of individuals making a real impact,” says Rebecca. “Through all of my life and different careers, my major focus has been to make the world a better place by making a difference to the people I work with and come across in my daily life. This has been through values of kindness and courage and a strong commitment to developing myself and others.”

Rebecca is supported by fellow Kāmahi trustees Sacha MacDonald and Richard Abel.

“We are delighted to see the Trust come to fruition and to be announcing our first recipient,” says Rebecca. “While I am making a significant financial contribution to set the Trust up on a solid footing, we are hoping to attract other donors who share our vision for the Trust and its objectives so that we can ensure the Trust has real longevity and is financially self-sustaining. We also want to hear from people and projects that fit our application criteria and would benefit from our support.”

For more details about the Kāmahi Trust go to

The Kāmahi Trust is now open to applications from potential recipients both here in Nelson Tasman and around Aotearoa New Zealand. If you know someone who might benefit from the Trust’s support go to, or for more details about how to support the Kāmahi Trust as a donor, go to

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Pictured above Rebecca Mason (left) and Jessie Cross. Photo by Tim Cuff.