Our client IdealCup‘s vision to make Motueka Disposable Cup-Free continues to gain media attention, and we are excited to see the story featured in this month’s Air New Zealand in-flight magazine, KiaOra.

Central to the idea of making their hometown disposable cup-free, IdealCup owners Steph and James (Nick) Fry have championed the “CupCycling” concept, perfect for those who want to do their part without the responsibility of owning their own cup. With the CupCycling system, customers “borrow” an IdealCup from their favourite café (by initially paying a small bond), then, each time the customer returns to the café, they give back their used IdealCup in exchange for a clean cup.

If you’re flying this month, make sure you read more about this exciting initiative, and join the page on Facebook here to see updates.