Alfredo Puche has brought The Alternative Board to the Top of the South and is encouraging business owners to take up the opportunity to work on their businesses.

Every month, The Alternative Board brings together six to eight non-competing business owners as a peer board, with those owners using their collective wisdom to offer advice and provide solutions for each other’s business. The board meeting is chaired by a certified facilitator who also meets individually every month with each business owner as well.

That one-on-one coaching each month, as well as the monthly group session with business owner peers, really enables members to get to grips with their business issues, Alfredo says.

In the wake of the government’s major announcement about business massively increasing training, business owners need to include their own training and development in that equation, and that business owners’ upskilling of themselves is often the most neglected aspect of training in a business.

Jacquie attended one of the sessions and found it extremely valuable. “As part of the session we had a taste of what the board environment would be like. We had the opportunity to present a challenge facing our business and then get the group’s ideas about how to address it, facilitated by Alfredo. It was incredibly useful feedback and I’m keen to see how The Alternative Board can help me in my WaltersPR business.”