Great PR – ethical communication that really works

By Jacquie Walters, Sandrine Marrassé and John Cohen-Du Four

The first edition of our book “Great PR – ethical communication that really works” was published in 2016 and has sold out its first print run. The e-book version is still available for free download.


Edition 2 pre-orders

If you would like to pre-order the second edition (due for printing in July 2017) please click below.


What people are saying

“This is an extremely useful primer on what good PR really covers – it’s broader than we often think, and this overview from WaltersPR helps you identify where your blind spots and opportunities might lie. It also offers ways to start thinking about the issues in the right way, whether it’s being proactive about crisis management or thoughtful about community relations. A great read for any business owner.”

Caroline Webb, (CEO of Sevenshift, author of “How To Have A Good Day” and Senior Adviser to McKinsey)

“From a journalist’s perspective, “Great PR” is knowing what makes a good story (and that’s much rarer than you might think), being able to help tell it, and fronting up when things go bad. If you deal with the media, this is a great place to start.”

Joanna Wane, Deputy Editor, North & South

“PR practitioners will find this book useful as a reference although they’re not the target market. Great PR reminds us of best practice and provides many useful examples so will also be useful to people in the industry. There’s nothing flashy here. It’s simply good quality, practical PR advice that people in business will find easy to read and straightforward to put into practice in terms of contracting the right PR consultancy.”

Bruce Fraser, (FPRINZ) – Public Relations Institute of NZ President 2014-2016